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Eva wakes up in the hospital after being struck by lightning. There she learns that her mother has been murdered and she’s the number one suspect. But she could never have murdered her mother, could she? If only she could remember the events leading up to when she was struck, she could clear her name. As she starts trying to figure out the missing pieces, secrets start to come to light, secrets her mother has kept long buried, and she could be in danger.

While the book was told in alternating viewpoints from Eva in the present, and Kat, her mother, in the past, Eva’s story takes precedence. But Kat’s past is Eva’s past, and that part of the story is every bit important. There were quite a few twists in this book, and I think that some of them did feel a bit forced in that the revelations, just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, there was still more. I felt their backstories were enough of a shock without piling on more.

There were a few minor inconsistencies, but this isn’t out yet, so there’s still plenty of time to fix them. IE: Eva left the hospital in leggings, but when she gets home, the cat claws up her jeans. Or when Kat is trying to help Rose, she says “When she saw me she grabbed Eva’s hand…”, when she was still Laura at the time. Lastly, I found it very bizarre that as she’s releasing ashes, and how the goodbye is painful she says “Like she’d slipped through my fingers.” Which, I get what McDonald was trying to say, but perhaps not the best time as she’s releasing ashes.

It was refreshing to watch Eva find her backbone because even though Liam wasn’t physically abusive, she let him run the show, on everything. She was also insecure in herself and her talents. This is a fast-paced read, and even though it occasionally steps into crazy town, you find yourself not wanting to put it down. Overall a pretty fun read. Thank you Gallery Books for sending this along.