The Promise of Another Wow Book from Cristina McDonald!

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I am totally entranced with Cristina McDonald’s style of only telling the reader enough to entice them to continue to read. That is intriguing and brilliant! I loved the first look, with the story of Eva struck by lightning and her lost memory, complicated by her mother’s murder and a detective who doesn’t really buy her lost memory story. I was immediately interested in the relationship between Liam and Eva, a love story that is hinted at but not told with too many details. Kat, Eva’s mother, lacks social grace and seems to want more than Eva is willing to offer her. We only see her briefly at the cafe and again when we recall the prologue and the fact that she was lying there murdered. So many little clues and so much action were included in so few pages! I am absorbed by the book already and cannot wait to read more about Eva and her sad loss of memory!