”Here’s this extraordinary flower growing up through a crack in my concrete nightmare. What am I supposed to do?”

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There’s a broken, anxious, and newly disfigured wife. A PTSD suffering alcoholic husband. A confusing marriage. A killing. A cop who wants answers.

I honestly don’t even know how to review this book without spoiling anything. I’ve started and stopped what I’d planned to write a few times, so in the end I’m just going to stay away from the plot and advise you to read the blurb. What I CAN say is that this book jumps around in time and POV a bit. That makes the start of the story a bit confusing. We get bits of each time/POV and it starts to feel like none of these bits make sense together. But they eventually do. I can’t say that this is one of those stories that you will be able to figure out by the clues, but if you pay close enough attention you can come up with what’s happened on your own. The thing is... it’s hard to trust this story. The POV’s are all different, and don’t always align the same way. You’ll notice inconsistencies and you won’t be so sure why they are there.

None the less after I got past the first 25% I got into the groove of the story. I was turning pages nonstop, because I HAD to know what had happened. You don’t know who has been hurt/killed. You don’t know who has done the hurting and the killing. It’s just. A mess, and you don’t have answers as the reader. It’s just. A crazy story that will have you shaking your head. Yelling at the characters, and also so darn confused for them. I felt bad for them, but I also didn’t know if I could even trust them.

If you like psychological thrillers, and are fine with time and POV changes, then you will enjoy Beautiful Bad. It is a mess of a rollercoaster ride, that will have you gripping your seat until the bitter end.