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I had bought this book and then it sat on my shelf for almost a year, I just never got around to reading it. I picked it off my TBR shelf last weekend on a whim and started reading. Three/four hours later I was halfway through the book and my mouth was just sitting open in shock.

Maddie is married to Ian. She first met him when they were working overseas, she as a travel writer and he was a bodyguard for the British army. She was visiting her best friend Jo, who was also working overseas in a different part of the county and they meet Ian and some of his friends. This leads to the opening of the book where the police are called to the scene of a violent murder. You will go back in time to see the events leading up to this scene.

I cant wait to read more by Annie Ward in the future and I will not let another of her books sit on my shelf unread for a year