I'll have the throat with a side of crap, please.

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The best and most intreguing aspect of this is the chapters changing past, present, and future. It has a Momento/Time Travelers Wife feel to it.

The second is the cover. It is beautifully intreguing. If I saw this on the shelves of a book store or library, I would pick it up immediately to read the first page.

The first page is less intreguing than the previous two aspects, because it jumps to the emergency response of the murder so interwoven into the premise of the story. So it is less impressive than works that grasp from the "actual" first page.

Regardless, I think the one line elevator pitch and the scene at the end of the preview where Ian, Peter, Buck, Madeline and Joanna meet randomly ... Makes this a worthy full read! Also, it is an easy page turner.