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"Sometimes things that seem dangerous are just misunderstood."

A very beautiful and imaginative world where magic is believed to be long gone from Lkossa. Koffi, an indentured survant to the Night Zoo, and Ekton, a candidate to be come a warrior with Sons of the Six, strike a deal to go after the creature, the Shetani. Each having their own reasons for going after it.

I really enjoyed the character development. They have many layers to them that get peeled away as they get to know each other. Their replationship started off untrusting, but they learn to rely on each other to survive the jungle. Their adventure is harrowing, coming across various creatures and plantlife that are made of nightmares. The imagination from the author to come up with the setting and jungle life is so terrifying and I love it. I highly recommend this book. I promise you will not be disappointed!