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When I got a look at the First Look, the book looked okay. Honestly, those first three chapters are the most boring out of the entire book!

I mean the world building is detailed and I loved to learn about it all. The gods, the creatures, the plants!

And then, the giant twist a little over halfway through the book had me shocked. I literally read the entire chapter gasping the entire time.

The fact that the "Shetani" really isn't the bad guy, threw me off so much. Then to find out Fedu is the reason Adiah became the Shetani.

Plus, Adiah's chapters threw me off so much during reading this book. I literally didn't understand why until Part 3. Like it all just came together so easily.

I, also, love the representation of Ekon and his anxiety and guilt. It makes him a lot more relatable as a character.

The characters are lovable as well. Like Ekon and Koffi are my favorite but Jabir stands out too!

I loved the way the book ended with finding Koffi's grandmother, but I hate that I don't have the second book to read now.