Stellar African-inspired Fantasy

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Stellar African-inspired Fantasy
Ayana Gray's debut novel, Beasts of Prey, is a lush and beautiful tale of two teenagers trying to live up to their parents' expectations, and the ways in which they fail. Koffi is a whip-smart girl indentured to the magical Night Zoo. Ekon is the all too serious son of a decorated warrior. Both of their fates are intertwined with the mysterious Shetani, a monster that haunts the Greater Jungle outside their home town. But not all is what it seems in the Greater Jungle, and the two must face perils beyond their imagining to save a long-lost girl, and themselves.

The writing is superb, the setting is lush and realistic, and the characters are so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Lkossa's people and history. The worldbuilding is professional and so intricate! I'm so amazed (and a little jealous!) that this is Gray's debut novel. It was written so well and displayed many great storytelling techniques.

if your students love African folktales and myths, or want to explore the fantasy genre, this is definitely the book for them!