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beasts of prey is a spectacular debut and you’re gonna wanna grab this one!

- brother ugo has such words of wisdom, makes me think of general iroh from avatar the last airbender
- the banter with koffi and ekon makes me giggle
- an immersive adventure/quest into a jungle
- i relate to ekon’s cautious, planning, and mathematical nature
- dripping with lush african folklore, i learned a lot throughout the book and from the author’s note at the end
- themes of the weight of expectations and the courage it takes to do what’s right
- there are several plot twists that i TOTALLY did not see coming, like that ending absolutely blew me away
- i loved being able to dm the author throughout my reading
- okay i am ready for book 2 now please and thank you
- apparently this is the first in a trilogy???? SIGN ME UP!!

thank you to bookishfirst and the publisher for the opportunity to read this one early!!