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Beasts of Prey by Ayana Gray

Beasts of Prey is told through the alternating perspectives of Koffi, a 16 year-old indentured servant trying to earn her freedom by capturing the fearsome beast, the Shetani, and Ekon, a shamed elite warrior trying to regain his honor by also going after the Shetani.

This book was a fun and unique fantasy read with a few twists and turns. It's the start of a new series and I felt the book showed a lot of promise. I'm excited to see where the journey goes from this book.

What worked for me:
- This felt like a unique and diverse addition to the fantasy genre
- The action, especially in the second half. It felt packed full of tense moments and fun new creatures to envision
- The ending is a nice set up for book two
- Was an overall fun read

What didn't work as well:
- The pacing could have been better. The first half was a bit slow and then the second half felt packed with stuff
- The relationship arc in the book. I just didn't feel that development or the connection
- The book has flashback sections that were not clear, so it made me confused on the timeline at points

I recommend this book for fans of the fantasy or YA genres, readers looking for more diverse novels, and readers who like fun and unique animal creations.

Thanks to Bookishfirst, the publisher, and Ayana Gray for this advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.