Not my typical type of read but overall fairly good.

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This type of book would not be my typical pick- but I won this & must admit I am glad I did- and got the opportunity to at least try this genre out ! I do always appreciate a free book !

It is an action packed thrill ride from page one - a bit much for me in all honesty - but a well written account if you like a good war(ish) storyline -

Exciting Realism
Decent writing
Good character development
Scary in a very relevant way
A lot of knowledge of this topic is packed into the descriptive writing -

Complicated and hard to follow at times
(Perhaps it was because to me the topic is a bit boring for my taste - sorry not a war book kinda girl )
Not very likable characters
** see above as the descriptive writing was also a con for me- as I just wasn’t that interested in this topic really-

Over all I can’t blame the book or author for it not being my ‘style’ and if you like a good crazy in your face dangerous war story- this book is most likely for you !

I’m grateful for ANY free reads - so thanks to the author & Bookish Firsts-