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First of all, thank you to the publisher and Bookish First for an ARC of Anchored Hearts!

Anamaría and Alejandro were high school sweethearts, but Alejandro left the Keys when he chose his dream of photography. Anamaría was going to join him after her father got better, but she never did. Years later, Anamaría followed in her brothers' and father's foosteps and became a first responder, on top of starting her own fitness center when Alejandro returns home with an injury. Both of their families are trying to push them back together, and though they'd deny it, they both severely attracted to one another.

So, overall I liked the writing style, but I just couldn't care for the characters. It also felt a little strange that Anamaría was a first responder and a personal trainer? Where does she have the time ot be a personal trainer? Those two sides of her career along with her becoming an influencer and spokeperson were just really weird for me? Alejandro seemed more fleshed out. I understood his character's dynamics and why he'd stayed away for so long, but the two together just felt really strange.

Overall, the character dynamics and the extensive descriptions just clashed. I needed more dialogue and more character interactions, and I just really struggled after the first 60 pages. Rating 3.5, rounding up to 4.