This book has me ready for summer!

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This book has me ready for summer! I wish I was on the beach while reading this.

I read Island Affair a year ago, and while I loved the story and the characters, there was an element of it that seemed so unbelievable. That was not a problem in this book—I love the second chance trope and it reminded me a bit of my own relationship in ways. Anamaria and Alejandro were both well developed characters, and it was great to watch them grow closer together throughout the book, while also healing old wounds and growing their own businesses. They both had family drama and insecurities to overcome, and Oliveras did a great job setting the scene and really showing how they both overcame their challenges. The end scene in the art gallery had me a little teary. (You'll have to read it to find out!)

My only critique is that the beginning moved very slow. It took a while to set up their backstories and get the two main characters interacting again. Overall, though, I really enjoyed this book, even more than Island Affair! I can't wait to see which character will have their own book next—maybe Enrique? I love the Keys to Love series!

Thank you to the publisher, NetGalley, and BookishFirst for advance copies of this book!