Loved it so much...want a third book!

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I absolutely loved Island Affair, so Anchored Hearts is one of my most anticipated reads in 2021. It did not disappoint. The story picks up a year after Island Affair and follows Anamaria and her high school ex, Alejandro. The two parted on bad terms 12 years ago and neither wants to see each other again. Too bad they both have meddling mothers, who are determined to push the two together.

Alejandro left Key West with a chip on his shoulder, off to see the world without looking back. Now a famous photographer, he's less than thrilled to return home injured and dependent on his estranged family. Anamaria's fitness career is about to take off, but she's facing fear of failure and the comfort that Key West brings her. What happens when the pair can't resist the years of unanswered questions and unrequited feelings?

Anchored Hearts was a stellar second novel in this series. I absolutely love the Navarro family! Their meddling in each others' lives is hilarious, but it is also so endearing how they unconditionally support one another to reach their dreams. It was so fun seeing where Luis and Sara are a year later and I loved how their story continued in this book.
Key West is the perfect setting - the food, the sunsets, and the ocean. It's exactly what I want to read right now after a year in quarantine.

I really related to Anamaria's character as a personal trainer trying to figure out how her passion can turn into a viable career choice, especially as she has an already established career as a firefighter. There is a fear in the unknown and the author absolutely nails the struggle.

I am normally not a fan of second chance romances, but Anchored Hearts was well done. The chemistry is well-developed between the main couple and the shared background of their perspective families shapes their love story in a really authentic way. They share so much history, you can't help to root for them.

Overall, I loved this book and am hoping for a third book about the youngest brother, Enrique. He's so wild and carefree, I really want to see him settle down and have his world rocked by love.