I loved it!!

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I really loved this book! I read the first book in the series and I love how the author keeps all the same characters and each have their own story. Such a beautiful story about young love that's lost and then rekindled as adults. It's not only about romance but about family and about healing and mending relationships. Alejandro and Anamaria have such a beautiful connection. Both are so stubborn but have their meddling (and sweet) mothers helping them along the way. When Alejandro gets hurt on the job he returns to Key West only to find that his mom has asked his ex-love Anamaria to help take care of him and check in from time to time. Their first relationship didn't end so well and it takes a lot of coercing and communication to get them on good terms. Overall a fantastic books about love and family. I cried at how strong the family bonds are in this book.