Funny and Romantic

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This is definitely my type of book! I immediately fell in love with Anamaria and how relatable she was as a character, specifically regarding her relationship with her mother. I loved the dynamic between the two. I also found the tension between Anamaria and Alejandro so intriguing. It made me want to read more immediately. The last line in the first look made me want to buy the book immediately, "she’d have to finagle her way out of this impromptu, unwelcome lunch date with her hardheaded, sinfully sexy, wanderlust-driven ex" and definitely made me excited to see how the dynamic between the two progresses throughout the story.

I also really appreciated the author's inclusion of Latinx culture within the story. It adds more character to the book and makes it more relatable. The cover felt like a perfect way to draw readers to the book as well. It's beautiful and fun, perfect for a good rom-com.