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This book was interesting but was certainly not my favorite. I was pretty bored with the flashbacks to James and his friends in college. It was no shock to me that this man would have been problematic in college—I feel like you see these types of men all the time. Sophie was either: A — so aloof that she thought he was a good guy, or B — okay with his behaviors and was willing to look past it to land the hot guy. Either way, I found it hard to sympathize with Sophie when she didn’t really stand up for herself or others. She also didn’t really seem to care that James cheated on her which was confusing to me when reading. The Holly/Kate situation felt a little unrealistic to me. Maybe it’s because I fully live my life online, but I found it hard to believe that no one kept in touch with Holly or knew at all of her new alias. Certain aspects of the book were just a little too unbelievable to the point that I wasn’t super invested in it by the halfway point but still wanted to finish it.