Almost quit, glad I didn't

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I started this book when I got it, read for a little bit, and put it down. Read a few others, then felt guilty and started to read again. Same response - not drawn in at all, read a couple of others. Picked it up and was committed to finishing since I know I need to review any book that I win. I guess the third time was the charm since this time I was pulled in and finished it.
It was different to read a romance that has been written by a man. I would say it was more "matter of fact" and not as mushy and descriptive as one written by a woman. But I think it is probably an indicator of the different way that love is perceived and experienced by men and women, and it was a nice insight to have.
The plot and setting are similar to a Danielle Steele story - uber rich, jet set, with lots of descriptions of the places they visit and name dropping of real people from that time period. But it was nowhere near as expansive and didn't pull me in as her stories do.
Overall, it was enjoyable once I finally finished it. I was glad that it ended the way that it did. But if I want to read a story that takes me into the world of the rich and famous, there are other authors I would choose to read before another story by this author.