Crazy Story!

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I had never heard of the Cari Farver case before picking up this book. It is one crazy ride. I think the book laid out the facts well and was an easy read, easy in that it was fast, not easy as in the subject matter. Some of the stuff that happened was so unbelievable that it could have been fiction instead of true crime. I had trouble wrapping my head around this story at times because it seemed so insane that no one would pick up on the fact that the person behind all the stalking could not possibly be who they thought it was. It amazes me that it took investigators so long to figure this out. The writing was a bit cheesy at times with the seemingly oddly placed exclamation points, but that was usually when someone was being quoted so maybe they actually did talk that way. That was really my only issue with the book. I will definitely check out more true crime from Leslie Rule if she keeps writing it.