Caught in Her Own Web of Lies

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When I saw that "A Tangled Web" was available as an audiobook through my library, I was really excited to give it a listen. I have been intrigued by the concept ever since reading the excerpt here on Bookish First. The idea that a women could commit a murder, and then impersonate her victim to make it seem as though she was still alive, and be able to get away with it for over three years, really caught my attention. The dangers of meeting people on social media, especially in today's rechnology-centric world, are prevalent and will continue to be for a while. The case of Shanna "Liz" Golyer was so intricate that even the author compares the details to a spider's web, which slowly but surely was unraveled as justice for Carie Farver was served.

I will say there are a few elements of the writing style itself that I didn't like. I found some paragraphs to be quite repetitive (including a description of the television show Dexter, not once but twice). I understand that some of the message and email correspondance was taken directly from the case, but if I had to hear the phrase "fat ugly whore" one more time, I might have thrown my phone. I felt there were several unnecessary tangents littered throughout - this is strictly personal preference, it just took me out of the moment when one second we're taking about something pertinant to the case, and the next we're visiting the family history of someone involved.

I'm still pretty new to true crime, and "A Tangled Web" was definitely a good one to open the door to exploring more books in the genre. If the case interests you in any way, I highly suggest picking it up.