True Crime Written with Truth and Grit!

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Leslie Rule has taken over writing true crime exactly where her famous mother left off, writing with truth and grit in the details and realistic dialogue. Even the introduction was fascinating, letting me know information about Ann Rule’s life that I never knew before. When the first chapter begins, it’s like an introduction to the violence that follows, as a woman is killed. Then, the real story seems to begin, the story of bachelor Dave and his pursuit of uncommitted relationships. In this day and age in which bed hopping seems to be common, there was nothing unusual about Dave’s desire to find a bed mate via a dating site. What piqued my interest was the woman Liz that he dated who was obsessed with him and who seemed to have some kind of magical power over him in the bedroom (or wherever else they decided to have sex). Dave was adamant that he was not interested in a commitment, but Liz continued to pursue him. At the end of the first view, when Dave meets Cari and is attracted to her, I was left to wonder how Liz would take this news. I am absolutely fascinated by this appealing and enticing first look at A TANGLED WEB. I want to be caught up in this web and read more!