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Not a fan

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I was so ready to enjoy this novel and was highly impressed with it via the first glance. Unfortunately around 50 pages in I no longer have hope in this living up to its expectations.

I was initially attracted to the MC being a whistleblower and was looking forward to more information on that. And possibly the days leading up to it.

Instead we are dealing with the aftermath of the whistleblower event and focus on the MC's new career with the FBI.

I felt like it might have potential after all, but hope died as I felt sluggish attempting to finish this.

It feels like I've been reading this a lot longer and it got confusing, furthering me from wanting to continue on. I can't tell at one point if the MC is having a flashback in college about racing a stranger or if they're in the present. I guess it was showing the competitive side of her?!

Either way..I cannot go on and miserable finish this novel.