Didn't live up to the hype

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Man, this book seemed amazing and had such potential. I loved the thought of an edgy, undercover type mission and wading through the waters of race.

But the story seemed rush instead of being fully fleshed out. So at times, it almost seemed like a step was missing in the logic and the flow. It would take me out of the story itself.

The relationships were also very rushed. She was trusted very easily and very quickly, allowing her to be a part of everything from the beginning. Also rushed her right towards ~feelings~ without having any true development.

As the main character, she was written to be very conflicted with what was going on, but it never really came across. Her character just felt very surface level, no depth or complexities there.

All in all, I had high hopes and this book just wasn't able to meet them. I will keep my eye out for similar stories though.