Compelling BIPOC, feminist FBI-agent protagonist...I wanted to keep reading!

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I got pretty hooked on these early pages and would like to know what the deal is with this extremist organization of teenagers that Yolanda has been sent to investigate. Yolanda seems like she'll be a fantastic protagonist. She is likable, relatable, and has a fascinating backstory. I appreciated so many details about her - her role as a whistleblower for her former firm and how that's impacted her life, the fact that she used to coach teenage basketball, and that she wanted to become an attorney because of Perry Mason. From the little we know so far, her undercover job is already setting up for an exciting story - what will her relationship become with the teens in Red Blue Green (loved the RBG reference)? What's going on behind the scenes with the FBI on this case? I'm excited to read this one! I love the cover artwork.