Wow, this book is incredible!

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I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book, inside a book subscription box (Booked For The Weekend) and oh wowzers, I am happy I did!

This book was so unlike any other sci-fi, clone themed novel I have read. It drew me in from the very first page and left me unable to do anything other than read!

I absolutely adore the protagonists, I love that our clone protagonist slowly finds herself, who she is and the person she wants to be. What also really grabbed my attention, was the complete back story and not just the story, but the way it was told. Journals, recounts and data,it wasn't just the characters telling us about the past. This made it feel real, and like a possibility for our future.

This novel is well written, engaging and moving. It shows the passion and power of humanity and what can happen when it is taken for granted and lost. Amazing read.