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This book was really out of my comfort zone, but the premise sounded interesting so I wanted to give it a try. I was curious how Jack, being the only human in a complex society of "made man" would be treated, and how much the civilization would not know about humankind more than 300 years after the Slow Plague. As someone who was fascinated by the study of DNA in college, I found this society's ability to generate generations of "clones" from the modified DNA of the "Original Nine's" DNA extremely interesting. I did enjoy the journal entries we were given during one of Althea's chapters, which gave context as to why the original experiment to create these "made man" was conducted, and the ways in which it took an unexpected turn. I did feel like certain aspects to the Vispera civilization, and the neighboring civilizations (which we hear almost nothing about) were a bit underdeveloped, and I wouldn't have minded a longer book to have all my questions answered. Overall, it was a solid read that kept me intrigued, and if you're interested in dystopian novels I would definitely recommend.