A very fresh concept

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I read a lot of YA fiction, and I’ve noticed a trend. I call it the ‘ Write Whatever is Selling’ fever, and it leaves me bored and dissatisfied.

And then I stumble upon a gem like Your One and Only and I’m excited and hopeful for the genre again!

The concept was fresh, and almost a reverse trope. Normally when the world undergoes a drastic change, the humans are the focus and the weird people (aliens, witches, fae, etc.) are the background cast of trouble causing characters.

Not so in this story! Nope! When the sole human gets introduced to the unusual and odd population, HE is the disruptive party.

What follows is more than an entertaining book. Your One and Only ends up becoming a commentary on society without being obvious, heavy-handed, or preachy.

I’m eager to see what Adrianne Finley comes up with next!