A sci-fi piece

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The first impression of the cover is that is all about a good romance. Nevertheless, in Your one & only, human went extinct by a slow plague and it is a story about Althea-310 and Jack. Althea-310 is a Homo Factus - she and others from her generation was cloned from Homo Sapiens with DNA modifications - in order to continue the human lineage surviving diseases and plagues. In the other hand, there is Jack, a Homo Spiens who is different from the perfect clones.

The book explores a delicate topic involving cloning, perfecting DNA, fights between "species" and acceptance. There are Althea-310's struggles, her fascination for Jack and how their connection grow stronger. It is a dystopic science fiction which might be or not be true in the future.
The layers of plot is well written and show us the meaning of humanity essentially built of love.