What I needed for the new year

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•You’re not listening, what you’re missing and why it matters

This title grabbed my attention the moment I saw it. Lately, I have been feeling disconnected from my family members and specially from my 5yr old son. This book has made realize that the problem is not them but my listening skills. I thought I was a great listener because I am able to decipher issues once someone begins speaking and act on them right away. However, I now realize that I was making more trouble than actually helping. SMH...

You’re Not Listening; What You’re Missing and why it Matters basically explains the issues with our human connections. Kate Murphy explains through science, psychological experiments and personal experiences how our lack listening skills are actually making us lonelier, depressed and even suicidal. She also goes in depth on how to improve our listening skills and the possible origins of our lack of the skill.
I found this book to be very interesting and easy to read. It’s definitely one that I will have on reserve on the back of my brain. What a great way to begin the New Year!