We need to do it

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Way back when I was in college, I had a semester that I only had one required class. Because I needed a full complement of classes for my scholarship, I filled the roster with classes like Repairing Your Car and Active Listening. If you've ever been to a listening class, those are the techniques you learned. Look like you're paying attention, repeat what the last speaker said in paraphrase, say "hum" or other nonsense phrases, make eye contact. We all know this game. We've all played it.
That is not what this book is about. The active listening is all about what to do. This book is all about why do it. There is reportedly a crisis of loneliness in this country. Partly, it is suggested, this is because nobody is listening to anybody. We are afraid to open ourselves up to others because we don't feel heard. Mistakes are made, some of which are serious, because somebody stopped listening too early. Opportunities are missed. Lives are not lived to the best and greatest degree.
Listening is work. It takes time. We still need to do it.