Very Thought Provoking (and where is society headed without listening?!)

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This is not the usual genre of book to which I might give a five star rating, and I must admit that I usually start scanning pages instead of reading word-for-word with most self-help books. However, Kate Murphy's YOU'RE NOT LISTENING is not a really a self-help book per se. There's going to be some very helpful information to each 'self' that reads this book, but it is also thought provoking material that would be good for teachers and professors of various age groups and subjects to incorporate into discussions. Early in the book, when the author refers to previous generations that told each other stories and discussed experiences versus today's habit of passing around our phone while people look at the photos, it really caught my attention. Yes, I have experienced this often... too often. The relationship between "living" on social media and feeling depressed is another prime example of how relevant this book is to today's society!