Thoroughly researched and distinct chapters. A quick read but informative.

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This book had me interested after reading just the first chapter. Very persuasive, informative, and fast-moving writing style.

The goals are clearly laid out- to concisely explore all things related to listening. Reconsidering how to approach listening to other people and building our ability to listen smartly.

Lots of thought-provoking quotes from a multitude of sources and insight from a wide variety of people whose jobs entail a great deal of listening. The chapters are distinctly laid out and most of them are quite relevant to the main topic- how to listen more effectively when we're increasingly surrounded by distractions and communicating effectively with others.

Most of this book is very focused around the 2010s and there is some interesting, very immediately relevant data here.

My only issues were that some of the chapters seemed to veer too far off center into less interesting tangents.

There is a chapter that is very distracted by exploring algorithms in a way that can be ground down to "Algorithms aren't that helpful, and here's why." There is a chapter devoted to politics with some light ranting. The smaller stories to illustrate the listening skills of professionals are a mixed bag, some offering valuable insight while others are vague on memorable quotes or details. Also, would have liked to see more info about the effects of rushed listening or distracted listening. There are some tidbits on those topics, but the focus and strength of this book is often centered on conversational skills and relationships.

As someone who reads minimal non-fiction, I was relieved to see how approachable this title was. All in all, I enjoyed the time spent. Several of the more focused chapters have a nicely motivating effect and are easily digestible yet full of clarified research and an attention to detail.