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Do you feel like the art of listening is dead? Maybe you try to pay attention, but you catch yourself drifting away from whoever is speaking. If so, you’re not alone. Kate Murphy dives into the art of listening and why the need to listen now is greater than ever in her book, “You’re Not Listening.”
It’s interesting to me how this book is coming out around a plethora of other books about avoiding hustle or technology. How interesting that in this moment, we’re all looking for a little peace and a little connectivity.
Murphy is a big advocate for listening and how it changes your relationships. If you’re listening for poor gossip or listening to think of what you’ll say next, people will notice that. However, if you’re sincere or you’re looking to learn something, people will be attracted to that.
The biggest thing to note about this book is how accurate to experience it is. There were so many moments where I just had to sit there and accept how badly I listen. It’s something I think we all forget: we have to work on and practice listening.
Overall, I loved Murphy’s insights. I think she’s speaking to a problem that will grow as time goes on and we see a new tech dependent generation. Perhaps with some listening practice, we can avoid becoming a people who only want to project our thoughts on the internet. Rather, we can become a people who values true face to face connection.