I Am Reflecting

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~The Good~
The act of not listening is deeper than cellphones, internet, and was an issue way earlier than the invention of technology. I think to dismiss every conversation/discussion about listening to cellphones is missing history. Even if we took away all technology we would still have to address that our society has a listening crisis.

*Saying that I do think it gets into a lot of valid things about technology & listening.

*It made me very self-reflective which is the highest praise I think a book like this can do.

*Connected in my mind some of the things I have felt here and there. It highlighted a lot of problems we have in terms of listening, discourse, discussions, and spaces where there is a expectation of listening/talking (listed below are just some thoughts I had when reading it):
-there is not safe space for discourse without judgement or a place to grow. I definitely agree that a lot of discourse is dying on the cutting room floor because there is no space to talk without immediately getting angry, cutting in and the like.
-all the conversations that are happening are quick which does not leave room for people to get to what they are trying to say. Sometimes it takes people a bit of time to get to how they feel/what they want to say.

*Interesting enough as much information and ideas that it brought up it never felt heavy.

~The Bad~
*Makes certain conversations simplistic= I think the author needed to do more research into listening/discourse when it comes to race, politics and other tough discussions specifically. I feel that when discussing these type of conversations you have to bring in a bunch of other factors such as: power imbalances and history.

*Furthers this weird idea that every opinion is valid. I actually sampled another book, Talking to Strangers, while reading this that had the same idea.We need to actively work to dispel this idea because it is incredibly damaging to us as a society.