Essential reading for everybody! Layperson friendly and academically sound

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The topic of listening is grossly neglected in the world of pop-psychology, personal growth, and interpersonal communication literature. Kate Murphy’s book delves into why that is, and what we’re missing out on by not learning how to listen well.

Each chapter provides a solid standalone explanation of a specific aspect and gives the reader examples or actionable advice. The chapters flow smoothly and do build on another, but can also be read in isolation.

Murphy backs up and cites all of the ideas in-text and there’s a comprehensive notes/citations section in the back, so readers have a thorough guide of what else to read if they want to learn more about a given concept from the book.

Many books in this genre are full of fluff and could be distilled down to a blog post, but every word and story in this book matters and gives something to the reader.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, whether you’re looking to make improvements or just achieve a deeper understanding, and the content applies to all social domains - romantic, friendship, career, self-knowledge.