A Very Important Topic

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Disclaimer: I was given an advance reader copy of this book from Celadon Books via BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review.

I was sucked into this book right from the beginning and could not put it down. I have found this book to be very eye-opening in many ways. I have often found myself oversharing in a conversation in an attempt to draw someone back into listening to me or just trailed off because I knew that they really weren't paying attention. When I read that these are actually common ways that people try to get others to listen to them, it made a lot of sense to me.

The whole concept of that if you think someone is boring, you are actually the one not listening is very important to realize and could actually change the way you see people. Also trying to be empathetic in conversation without making it about yourself is another important point that many people need to learn.

I would highly recommend this book for pretty much everyone!