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You're Not Listening is a must read for anyone who converses with other people! As per the author Katie Murphy, most people are poor listeners. I definitely agree with her. This book covers the science of listening as well as practical approaches to improving listening.
Among the topics covered are listening to opposing views which, for many, if not most people, is difficult. The author likens this for many people as feeling like they are being chased by a bear. In other words, they feel physically threatened and their body reacts in that way. Among the practical guidance given is how to support instead of shifting the conversation. I found this chapter extremely interesting. The shift response turns the conversation to the respondent while the support response elicits elaboration from the speaker. Good listeners respond with support with the end result being a sense of connection between both participants. Fun fact: Gossip is healthy for you! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to have deeper connections to other people.
The way to achieve that in sync feeling is by being a good listener.