This is a NECESSARY book!

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This is a NECESSARY book about a topic that is ESSENTIAL to not only our relationships with others— ( including spouses, co-workers, parents, siblings, children, neighbors, teachers, if they can talk back—- they’re included!)— but also for our own well-being.

I was either told, or I quite possibly read— ( this is something we all do a LOT of, we are on Bookish First writing reviews afterall haha) —a few years ago that “we listen not to hear, but to respond.” That statement was very bold and initially took me by total surprise. I rolled my eyes and muttered to myself “yea, ok.” That is, until I put those words to the test.

In many of my next conversations I caught myself preparing my response before the person was even half way through their sentence. I heard what they said, but did I really listen? I was so caught up in telling my relatable experience, sharing my funny story or stating my opinion— who and what have I become? How selfish, I thought! I need to Bite. My. Tongue.

I realized that even on social media that I’m mostly posting to get a response, so that I can yet again answer. I “hearted” each and every one of those comments on my status updates but did I really read each one thoroughly and the emotion behind it? Not likely, when there were so many. Do I remember them? No. Next status update.

I would LOVE to read this book. I am genuinely interested on how I can improve myself.

And oh my GOSH I totally just realized that’s an EAR on the cover… not squiggly lines. I wanted to write my review before I even absorbed anything about the front of the book. WHYY are we so quick to jump the gun? ( since I’m guessing that it’s NOT just me) Then Im asked if I like the cover and BAM! Light bulb. Feeling me!