Is anybody listening? How being a good listener can transform your life!

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I was completely blown away by this first impression. Kate Murphy has written a very insightful and brilliant book that clearly explains the importance of listening and how it can shape our relationships, our health and ultimately our happiness. “You’re Not Listening- What You’re Missing and Why It Matters” immediately grabbed my attention by its accurate description of modern life and society and the need to define oneself, project oneself and ultimately be the leader in conversations. Unfortunately, very little emphasis is placed on the need to listen carefully to what is being said. Sadly, the result of society’s inability to listen is the ever increasing feeling of isolation, emptiness and loneliness.

I enjoyed how the author stressed that by paying attention to more than the words you can transform how you understand others, the world and ultimately this can enrich your relationships and your life. I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s many quotes, interviews, reflections and descriptions. I also appreciated the many thought provoking explanations such as the difference between hearing and listening, the 90-9-1 rule in social media and how not listening can actually deprive us of our future potential. I look forward to reading more of the author’s explanation on how listening can alter ones course.

I really enjoyed the authors very descriptive writing style and her inspirational look at the art of listening! I look forward to learning more about this important subject!

The cover definitely caught my attention! The title immediately had me intrigued and wanting to discover what this book was about.