I Am Listening

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*The author is knowledgeable about the research around listening and speaking which is something I like. It shows that they came into this conversation listening/taking in the scholarship of others.
*Listening is not assertive /aggressive/"active" thus anti-(so many things valued in society) and I like that the author kind of gets into that (specifically about America/Western).
*Personally, this book made me internally reflective about a lot of things. .
*There was so much said in this sample. A good nonfiction (for me) feels like I am learning something.
*This is the book to highlight and post it because even in the sample there is a lot to take in
*Overall, I think this would benefit a lot of people because in my opinion it gets into the root cause of many issues.
*A few things I'm interested in reading about: we are constantly bombarded with information causing us to cut out people voices- how do we combat that? Overall, I'm interested in seeing more of why we do not listen.
Cover: I like the colors and that it is a simple minimalistic design.