What A Great Ride

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I haven't laugh so hard reading a story in a long time. Tears of laughter, giggles and snickers of small misfortunate mishaps. Author, Sean Dietrich, wrote with heart and sarcastically (just my style). He wasn't afraid to be the "butt' of the joke.
My sister once said to me, "Bad decisions make great stories". And just perhaps this was one of them.
Love the map, and yes, I followed along.
I really enjoyed the writing style. No gigantic words to look up in the dictionary. (I hate it when I have to leave the story to look up a word that just means green.) The sentences did not drag on. I also enjoyed how Sean broke up the story with past and present history - of himself and about the GAP and the C&O Trails.
The title of the book, 'You Are My Sunshine', didn't match the story for me. The cover picture though was good.
I won't be able to look and another beef stick or Kit Kat without thinking of Sean and Jamie. :)