Such a great read :)

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In this book there’s humor, a journey, such heartfelt and heartwarming moments and some really loveable characters and a loveable message. I really loved this book. It was filled with a fun but lovely and heartfelt adventure and it really changed my perspective of things. This was hope all wrapped up into such a nest story. I loved the characters and their chemistry and story so so much. I love the writing style and the way the author wrote. Non fiction is not usually my thing but I feel like this was a book that was meant for me to read in a way and I’m so glad I did. Such a heartfelt read. You are my sunshine, a story of love, promises, and a really long bike ride and a book that most people should read- it has a little bit of everything for everyone! It could be a little slow at times but it was all worth it for the overall message this book makes you feel.