Laughs, Love and Biking!

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If I wouldn't have randomly won this book, I would never have read it. But I am so glad I did! Sean Dietrich is absolutely, hilarious! And I loved the banter between him and his wife, Jamie. They are such a great couple! I could totally relate to Sean with his dread of biking, anywhere, let alone the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath. I loved that he tells you exactly what he felt the whole time. But because of his love for Jamie, he continues on. They meet a few people along the way that just really either shows you people come into your life on purpose or are possibly sent there by another entity. Depending on your religious views. I, for one, are not religious, and there are a few religious aspects in this book, but they are very poignant to Sean's story and so I didn't mind them. Sean did a wonderful job weaving seriousness, funny, and adventure into this book. It's well worth the read!