Just Meh

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The excerpt I read on BookishFirst started out with a young couple who find out the wife has cancer then skips ahead to the couple conquering a big adventure, a 350-mile bike ride. What they skipped over was that 20 years later they conquered this big adventure during a global pandemic. And on that note, the author mentions that neither him or his wife are working and are blowing through their savings yet spend a bunch of money on all the gear they need for the ride - I'm so confused!

And speaking of being confused, there are so many half-stories, like give me the whole story, man! For example, near the end, it's detailed how Sean gets lost and encounters a huge snake, but never explains how he finds Jamie again. Oh and btw, I hate snakes as much as Sean does so I could do with a little less descriptive snake encounters.

I was promised a profound ending, and this is what I got..."I'm never eating a beef stick again."

"Then again, endings are what make things good. Even bad things become much better once the end occurs. Take, for example, this book." And that's all I'm going to say about that!