I really enjoyed this story

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Sean of the South is how he is known on his blog, something I have yet to check out, but based on his style of writing this book, it is something I will make sure to read.

Jamie, his wife, starts off the story with a medical issue that leaves Sean trying to be supportive when she says if we get through this, let's do something big. Of course he says yes and hopes she forgets about it. Not happening!

Years later she decides the something big is going to be a bike ride called the Great Allegheny Passage, from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC. No, they are not bike riders, in fact Sean is scared of bikes so she finds him a trike that others refer to as a toy.

Jamie spends lots of time and money researching the trip and buying the supplies they will need, but it doesn't sound like they do any training on bikes before undertaking this very tough trail to the tune of 350 rugged, but beautiful (except for the snakes) trail.

Sean's sense of humor can be laugh out loud at times, other times you may find yourself smiling and nodding along with him. I thoroughly enjoyed his writing style and am glad for the experience of their trip to know there is no way on earth I will ever attempt it.

This book would make a great gift for someone who could use some cheering up, maybe during recovery from an illness and with time on their hands?