Humorous and growth

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This hasn’t been my typical book I’ve been reaching for and reading lately. But took a leap based of the synopsis and sneak peek to request and try something a bit out of my comfort reads lately.
It’s loaded with humor so that was actually helpful for me to sorta nestle in and enjoy this one.
I enjoyed the authors candid take one life experiences with his wife and him on this journey into The Great Allegheny Passage, how it seemed like a GRAND thing for them and how it also had many a struggles with doing so.
I also might add I’ve been major wanting to go hiking myself, and the sheer amount of rather unpleasant animal sights (mostly snakes let’s be honest I’d rather nope to those and not see one) had me both excited to go on a hike with my camera but also exhausted by the end of the story like would I even make it through such a journey.
I appreciate the publisher for allowing me to enjoy this story and review for hopefully others to find something that isn’t quite like their normal reads.