Highly Recommend!!!!!

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There were quite a few times reading this book when I burst into laughter; many more times that I snickered and chuckled throughout. I had never heard of Sean Dietrich before winning this book (he’s also known as Sean of the South) but will definitely be picking up some of this other books to read.
You Are My Sunshine is Sean’s retelling of how he and his wife, Jamie (aka the Math Teacher), came to the decision to do “something BIG” in Jamie’s words after receiving a health scare. Sean reluctantly agreed to do the “something BIG” she wanted to do. That “something” was to ride the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and the C&O Canal Trail during the pandemic. By agreeing to do this, it was almost his undoing.
Told from Sean’s perspective as he rode a 3-wheeled trike that he thinks Jamie “bought from Toys R ‘Us” (because he’s afraid of bikes…and clowns…and snakes), it details their adventures and mishaps on the GAP and the C&O Trail. He talks about meeting Sandy along the way and their conversations as well as meeting the preacher and his buddy on the trail.
There were some serious sections of this book but for the most part it’s a light-hearted, funny and engaging book. Highly recommend!