Funny, Heartwarming and Witty Tale of Dedication to Complete a Big Adventure

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I normally do not read or enjoy non-fiction, but this is one of the best books that I have ever read. The story of Sean and his wife Jamie and their quest to complete a “big adventure” is hilarious as well as poignant at times. Jamie has a serious illness and when she seems to overcome it, she wants to do something big and convinces Sean to join her in a 350-mile bike ride through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, ending in D.C. Sean is not just reluctant but he is adamant that it’s a very bad idea, especially since he is afraid of bikes. Not to worry. Jamie finds him a trike, researches assiduously, buys numerous supplies and off they go. The adventures themselves are laugh-out-loud funny but what makes the story is Sean’s narrative of how he reacts to all of it. Jamie takes everything in stride, including the hurricane that goes through and drenches them for days. Sean, however, has a philosophy that this is still a mistake and he just wants to be home in his comfortable bed or sprawled in front of a TV watching a game. In fact, as I read, I kept expecting Sean to walk away and just end this big adventure. Part of the fun of reading the story was guessing what would finally cause him to just give up since he was not a fan of the idea to begin with. The love between Jamie and Sean is evident and I think it’s the dedication to completing what he committed to with her that kept him going. I especially enjoyed the camaraderie between the other bikers on the trail and how encouraging and helpful some of them were. Jamie is determined to make it while Sean just wants to quit, from the very beginning. The tale of their adventures and their dedication to finishing what they started will long remain with me as one with lessons, laughter and a lot of heart.
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