Cute story.

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I will start by saying I feel weird about reviewing someone's personal story because it obviously is important to them. However, the author did put this on this platform for the purpose of reviews. Anyways, I just found myself super bored. I loved the cover and was drawn to this book based off the cover and title (maybe not the best reason to read a book). I read the first impression which seemed cute. However, I felt like I would have just rather read like an article about this story or something much shorter. I do admire people for writing their story and putting it out there to be read. I wish I had enjoyed it more, but this book just took me a long time to get through. I'm surprised I even did. I am not usually a memoir fan, and if I do read one and don't finish it right away I usually put it down and never pick it up again. It was very difficult to push through for me. The author and his wife's relationship is cute and I like the honesty of the author, but this format just is not for me.