A gem piece

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Wow! What a heartwarming read! I enjoyed this enough to share it with my book club, and we will also start it there.

I am all for fictional romance books like the next gal, however, it is so genuine to read a real love story. I am the type of reader who will read a bit and then set it down and come back later but that wasn't the case with this one! I didn't want to stop reading it once I started it. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next on their "adventure"

It was an easy read. It was funny. It was raw. It was something that I had never read before. I am not typically a non-fiction reader but I wouldn't mind branching out to more if they read like this one.

Since this book, I have been on the hunt for other works by him and I am excited to read another one of his books.

I am grateful that this was my first BookishFirst book and I cannot wait to see what is next!